Circuit Snap - A Digital Logic Game

We recently finished the PC and Linux release of Circuit Snap, a Digital Logic Game using MonoGame and I wanted to share the link to the MonoGame community in case there is any interest. The game consists of a digital logic simulator that allows building out simple digital circuits that include basic logic gates, segment displays, adders, multiplexors, etc. Each puzzle builds on previous concepts and unlocks new components.

Release Platforms
MonoGame has proven to be fairly robust on releasing to multiple platforms (although there were a lot of challenges to overcome). To date, Circuit Snap has been released on the following platforms:

  • Xbox (UWP)
  • Google Play Store (Tablet & TV, we didn’t support most phones because the game becomes too difficult to play when the screen shrinks too small)
  • Windows PC (Itch)
  • Linux (Itch)

We would like to release on Amazon via the Fire TV and Fire Tablet and iOS via TV and Tablet in the near future but there are a couple of hurdles to overcome.

It was a bit messy, but using MonoGame we were able to support GamePad, Touchscreen, Keyboard, Mouse, and TV remotes.

Playing the Demo
The demo contains about a third of the content if anyone wants to try it out. You can find links from the website to each of the storefronts: We released under the studio name Bit Flip Productions.

Thank You to the Community
Over the years I have posted a few questions in this forum and issues on MonoGame’s GitHub pages. As an old hand hobbyist from back in the XNA days, I very much appreciate how MonoGame has been stewarded over the years. This includes everyone’s responses to my questions in addition to all the tutorials, source code updates, and more that go into making MonoGame a good choice for a framework. I am excited to see where the MonoGame Foundation takes the framework moving forward.

I’m not sure where Circuit Snap will go from here, any thoughts or constructive feedback are appreciated.

Bit Flip Productions

Circuit Snap Teaser
Reason through circuit puzzles by combining wires, logic gates and other circuits. Starting with two basic logic gates, progressively design and unlock more complex circuits. Use these unlocked circuits to design even more complex functionality. Learn how to manipulate the logic gates and circuits used in electronics applications today. Demo the first third of the game’s content for free to see if you enjoy before purchasing. Includes in game descriptions of how different components work to teach the basics.