Clipping off in Android 4.3 Emulator on OSX


My program has ported and is ALMOST running, but my clipping rectangles all appear to be off a significant bit to the left on the 4.3 emulator under OSX.

What is odd is that the exact same monogame graphics code works perfectly on OSX, Windows Open GL and iOS.

I also have a port to Javascript/Canvas via JSIL and, although the render and clipping layer there isn’t monogame, the code above is the same as the other versions and IT works fine.

It really seems like a bug in either Android monogame or the Android emulator.

Is this something others have seen? is there a known work around?

Edit: Here is what it looks like on every other platform including iOS
Note: Stupid forum wont let me embed the images. here are there URLS:

Everywhere but Android

And here is what it looks like on Android in the emulator for 4.1 and 4.3

Android 4.1 and 4.3

I know it’s obvious :slight_smile: but you should test on a real device to discard an emulator problem. If you have no device, can you post an APK?