Cloud service for ranking and lobbies?

I’m interested in setting up network play for my game and I want to have a service that can provide game lobbies, player matching, and handle ranking as well. I was wondering what service providers are available for this so that I don’t have to write my own. Any recommendations?

If your game needs to handle realtime synchonization, it’s better to rent a dedicated server.

If this is only about rankings, or if your game doesn’t require fast networking (like in a turn based game) you can have a look at Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. My own recommandation would be Azure, well integrated in visual Studio, and less infrastructure work than AWS

I’ve been looking into using Photon. It’s a higher level PAS rather than using something like azure or aws at the bare-metal IAS.

The only thing stopping me is lack of tutorials or examples for MonoGame. Has anyone here done a photon+monogame integration, or know of any recipes on github?


I am working on this soon, but err probably somewhere between now and six months+ :stuck_out_tongue:

A service which you host yourself, looking to make it free and eventually open source if it is feasible to do so. Going to be one tough road ahead for me…


Watch now: Windows Developer Day—Fall Creators Update keynote

Skip to 49 minutes, worth a watch as they mention the Creators Program