Code about GamePad can not be compiled

I’ve not working with MonoGame for some months. When I came back now, I found that these code I wrote before can not be compiled using the new releases3.3.

ButtonDefinition btnB = new ButtonDefinition ();
GamePad.ButtonsDefinitions.Add (btnB);

So , can someone tell me is there anything has changed to the Class GamePad ? Or how can i use it now ? Shoud I implement a virtual GamePad by myself now?

I check the source of file MonoGame/MonoGame.Framework/Input/GamePad.IOS.cs
I just get the commits on May 4, 2014

Empty GamePad.iOS, replace with empty implementation

Still not sure is there will be a update in the future.

Finally, I found the answer myself. If anyone want to know can go to issue #2461.