Collect or Die - iOS & Android

We released our hardcore retro platformer ‘Collect or Die’ on iOS, Google Play & Amazon today.

Created with MonoGame and Farseer physics it features dynamic ragdoll physics, gory stickman dismemberment, some nice shader effects and more.

Paid & Free versions are available, check out the different store links below and lets us know what you think… go kill some stickmen :slight_smile:




Got a pretty nice review on Touch Arcade today too:

cool, looks like a remake of the popular flash games (n+?) with the ninja stick figures

How did monogame work for you guys

Indeed, very much inspired by N+, Meat Boy and the old school flash games :slight_smile:

Ive used MonoGame for about 3-4 years now, I used to develop with XNA so it was a natural progression. There are still some quirks with MonoGame though, particularly on Android… iOS version had zero problems but I had to do some serious hacking to get it stable on Android.

Going into MG3.6 its mostly sound issues on Android now, I hacked a hybrid of MG3.4 and MG3.6 so that the sound and the shaders both worked.

That game looks awesome! I’m quite taken with the death sequences.