Color differences between Mono Versions

Hi All,

I’m fairly new to monogame (but not c#). I’ve been playing around with using MonoGame, but having a funny color issue between two different versions of monogame using the same code from my side (DesktopGL)

On Version: it looks like this:

and on latest version, it looks like this:

The older version is correct color wise.

Is there something new in the later version that needs to be configured or set? Any more information that is required? My code is basically the example code of ImGuiNet for using ImGui with Monogame.


Edit: nevermind, I haven’t noticed that even the entire UI is also darker

Hi, are you sure the bottom one is not the correct one?
The top one looks as if it has been “offset” so the entire left half is black and the right one shows only a half of the image.
Also, can you upload the displayed texture here?
It would be kinda helpful what we are testing

Is seems to me like a difference in in what range the uvs are working (for example, -0.5 to 0.5 or 0 to 1)

Also please tell us which target platform you were/are using

Yeah, its not just the texture. Everything is different shade with no differences of code between the two versions. The texture is created programmatically, but again. its everything that is displayed that is a different shade between the two. I initially thought it was an imgui issue. But you will notice that even the background color that is set from Monogame shows a different color.

I’m currently running on windows, using the desktopgl platform.

The exact code is this example:

I realised that running the example included in ImGui.Net shows darker than my own version and the only different between the two are the different versions of Monogame, so I suspected a setting that was different between the two versions.

Is this related to the GraphicsDeviceManager.PreferMultiSampling issue here?

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Looks like it! I turned off PreferMultiSampling and now the colors are good again :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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