Compiling effects on Linux?


Mostly just looking to understand something I’mhaving a hard time googling for :smile:… but basically is it possible to build .fx files properly on Linux currently?

It seems that most of the develop branch has very explicit <Platform>Windows</Platform> things around the 2MGFX project definition, and the content pipeline has a major section of it chopped out with an #if WINDOWS that turns into a NotImplementedException on Linux.

The best result I’ve found is Compile Shader-Effect (fx-File) for iOS but based on the above build limitations I’m curious if that’s the right approach to take… Is this some deprecated path? Should I be using some other tool chain? Do I have to build on Windows?

I’m going to start removing the Windows checks and see what breaks I guess, but I’d figured I would ask if there’s something obvious I’m missing.

You can’t compile effects from linux, the current 2MGFX Tools requires directx for effect compilation. I never tried it in wine tho…