Constant buffers frequency of update in Effects API

Is it possible to update shader constant buffers based on their frequency of update (per frame, per object, etc)?

I was looking into the Effects API source code and it seems to me that the abstraction is actually removing that possibility by updating all the buffers every time EffectPass.Apply() is called:

No, it is not possible, I was asking for it several times here and once recently at FNA, where I was told that it is not possible “for good reason”… well… (altho obviously Mono uses SharpDX for DirectX game while in FNA you are stuck with Mojoshader).

Constant buffers are slow as balls on some OpenGL implementations. I’d recommend minimizing their use altogether if you might ever care about deploying to anything that’s not Windows.

Thanks for your input @Ravendarke @JedTheKrampus!