Content builder M1 MacBook Pro

I am having a major issue moving my project to my M1 Mac so I can do a iOS version. The latest issue is I get an error in the editor An Error occurred trying to start process botnet with work directory {Path to content} No such file or directory.

I have both Arm and x86 .net sdks installed and is doing my head in love Monogamy but may have to move away as I can’t afford too much more time to get working.

Ok I have managed to put the client off for a couple of weeks so I thought I would get the source and debug but on compile I get packed need restoring I have done that but still same message

I believe that MG 3.8.1 states that M1 Mac is not a supported dev environment. That said, you don’t need to dev on your Mac directly to build for iOS. We build for iOS (including iOS targeted content from MGCB) from a Windows PC that has network connection to our Mac (Visual Studio connects to the Mac via SSH for xcode and such). You can even upload builds to the app store directly from VS.

Thanks for that reply. I think I am going to have to go down that route just a bit short on windows pcs at moment as my kids have just needed two lol.

It would be nice for this issue to be resolved as I love monogame and also prefer visual studio on the mac yes I know I am weird lol