Content exporting .xnb to a different folder

Hello, I’m trying to run my first monogame project. I’ve builded one .tmx asset that is exported to the Content/bin/DesktopGl folder as .xnb, but for some reason, when I try to Load the asset, the program is searching for the .xnb in another folder.

My load code looks like:


What it’s inside the Content Folder:

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 19.05.45

And where the program is searching the Level2.xnb:

Looks like it’s searching in the bin folder outside the Content, but the Pipeline tool is building to the bin inside the Content folder. What I’m missing here?

Edit: All the versions here are updated to 3.7

The game needs to copy the xnb into the execution path.

So if you build debug, all the content will get copied into /bin/debug/content
If you build release all the contents will get copied into bin/release/content

Easiest way to handle this is add the xnb file to the visual studio solution and right click on it and tell visual studio to “copy if newer”