Content importer dependent on another one.

Good Morning/Afternoon !

First, for the context, I’m working on porting a game that was made on XNA 3.1 to MonoGame, with the goal to publish in on Mac/Linux and consoles. The game’s project is quite heavy so I’m looking for solution that allow me to rework the project’s files as few as possible.

I have an issue with the custom Content Pipeline Importer system. The project have two Content Importer projects that use Monogame.Framework.Content.Pipeline, let’s call them B(ase) and R(eferencing). R is referencing B and using it a lot and deeply. When I build, B.dll is present in R’s build folder alongside R.dll. Now when I configure the .mgcb file, I add the two assembly as references to use their importers but only the importers from B are available. The ones from R doesn’t appears in the importer/processor fields.

In R, I tried to strip out the files that use B’s classes and built again, and this time both B and R’s importers where present (minus the ones I stripped out), so I guess it failed the first time because R is referencing B but the Pipeline Tool can’t get a hold on B.dll when loading R’s importers.

I didn’t see any topic about that, so here I am, looking for assistance. :slight_smile:

One simple solution would be to make B a shared project or simply merge it with R, but I still want to wait a bit for answers in case it could be solved by an additional keyword somewhere or another way to reference my .dlls.

With regards.