Content.Load stopped working on new projects

Hi, im new to monogame and ive been toying around with it amd manages to make a simple game, now everything works ok on that project and previos ones, but now when i create a new project, add the textures using the pipeline tool (build and save so it creates the xbn files) it does all of this but when you call the Content.Load(“hero”) it throws a DirectoryNotFoundException, its looking for the xbm on the Test\bin\debug\net6.0\Content\default.xbn, which is true, the xbn is at Test\Content\bin\DesktopGL\Content

Other projects have the same structure and it works dont know why it does not on new projects.

after reinstalling Visual Studio 2022 and cloning the samples repo from i still get the same exception:

DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\git\MonoGame.Samples\Platformer2D\Platformer2D.DesktopGL\bin\Debug\net6.0\Content\Fonts\Hud.xnb’.

this is the version of my VS,
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 (64-bit) - Current
Version 17.5.3


figured out how to “fix” it, the issue seems to lie with the content pipeline tool.
if you open content.mgcb with a text editor, you will find the following Global Properties

#----------------------------- Global Properties ----------------------------#


here we can see that the output file is bin/$(Platform) this is causing the build process to move the files to “bin/DesktopGL/” instead of “bin/DesktopGL/Content/”.
i just added the content folder to the output setting and now it will look like


save the file. and now when you build it should move the file to where its supposed to in order to work.