Content.Load<Video> - Video Asset removed in Develop?

Hello all,

First off, accept my apology if the question has been asked, and answered, before. I couldn’t find the answer.

In the Master branch of 3.2, I was able to add an .MP4 video file, and play it. e.g.

    Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.Video video;
    Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer videoPlayer;

    video = content.Load<Video> ("VideoFile");
    videoPlayer.Play ( video );

Dead easy.

In the Develop branch however, the MomoGame.Framework/Content/ContentManager.cs file doesn’t have the Video asset type anymore in the methods Noramlize<T> and ReadRawAsset<T>.

I wanted to use the Pipieline tool, and the output required the new version of MG. Hence why I’m not just “sticking with what works”. I kept getting MGFX Version conflicts.

Has Video been removed in 3.2 Develop for a reason, or is it an oversite, and I’m the only one so far to have noticed it missing?


excuse me sir but I’ve been trying to get Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.Video and Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Media.VideoPlayer

to work for ages in Monogames instead of xna and I have yet to get A SINGLE VIDEO PLAYED.

Please tell me what version of monogames and link it to me directly so I can finally run a video please sir.


I downloaded the full monogame source from

I added the appropriate MonoGame.Framework project file to my solution (in my case iOS).

I created a splash screen with AfterEffects and packaged it as an .MP4.

From what I’ve noticed, the Xamarin fork, the Xamarin.CososSharp, and the Develop branches all remove the Video asset type. In ALL cases, including the Master branch, it looks like Video has been disabled for WinRT.