Content.mgcb not showing build output

Hey there, just started working with Monogame and I’ve been messing around trying to learn it. Most of it’s been going well so far, I’m impressed with the sheer amount of resources there are for learning different things. However, I’ve run into something that concerns me a bit: when I use Content.mgcb to add content, the build output window shows nothing when I build.

I’m developing in Windows 7 using Visual Studio Code thanks to this little tutorial I found: (Apostolique’s post)

Now, the content gets built into .xnb files and placed into their proper directories just fine. However, since I can’t see the build output I’ve been unable to know if certain content has been able to build properly. I’ve already run into a small problem when using what is apparently an older .fbx model file that can’t be built since it’s so old it’s unsupported(I got it from RB Whitaker’s model library while following those tutorials if you were wondering). Does anyone know how I can get the pipeline tool to show me a proper build output? Could it be because I’m using VSCode as opposed to Visual Studio for some reason?

In the pipeline tool, click View > Build Output and check to see which options are checked. If none are on, turn them all on and see if it outputs anything. If still nothing, try some of the suggestions here, notably removing the quiet flag from MGCB if it’s on.

Thanks, all the options are checked so that’s not it. How would I determine whether the quiet flag is being used with MGCB.exe? I haven’t been running Content.mgcb from the terminal in my IDE I’ve just been running it through windows explorer since I can’t start it up from inside vscode like I could with VS.