Content Pipeline Custom Processor & Property

Hi there,
First off, thank you Monogame community! I’ve read a lot on here and was able to convert many of my XNA games to Mono now. But now I have an issue that is making me pull out my hair. I have a custom skinned model processor that merges .fbx animation files into one model. There’s a custom property in the processor of:

public string MergeAnimations { get; set; }

which will contains the filenames of the separate animation files. (check Shawn Hargreaves blog post here: This shows up in the Content.mgcb and I fill in the property which seems to work fine. However, when I build the solution, MergeAnimations is null so it appears it’s not pulling the text from the property field box in the pipeline.

Can anyone offer a suggestion for me?

that may be a stupid question … but did you hit save? (because on the screenshot it’s unsaved)

It saves automatically when you rebuild. Just to be sure. I tried saving again anyways with no results.