content pipeline for skinned animation

How can i create my own content pipeline for skinned animation.(like XNA). or how to animate a .fbx skinned model using current content pipeline.
i am using version 3.3 with vs13 on window 7(x64).

I don’t think there is in-built support for this yet, but you can always add it yourself. The formats seems to be documented.

With 3.4, Content has now moved to the new MGCB content pipeline, a remake of the old XNA content pipeline.
You can still create custom content importers as you could previously with XNA and reference them in your MGCB content project.
Check @Tom and Andy’s Microsoft MVA session on Advanced MonoGame for more info

yes i am trying to import contentproj of xna skinned model project but there is an error…

it says processor is missing .is there any working example?
explain all steps or give a link… i am very new on monogame so every source is useful for me.

Thanks in advance.