Content Pipeline: importing fonts in Linux

So I’ve been trying to get fonts to Import into the pipeline on Debian 8, but due to the missing importers I am unable to do so. I am also unable to use the nuget command lline function to install files, which seems to be the standard workaround for this issue.

So far, what I have tried doing is manually downloading the nuget packages for monogame.extended, as this seems to be the suggested package to fix the missing importer issue, unzipping them, then referencing the dll manually the same way you would in windows if you had used the command line to download it.

Unfortuanately, even with them referenced, the importers needed for fonts still aren’t showing up for some reason.

Maybe I’m messing something up, or maybe it won’t work without the command line feature. I don’t know, but any help here would be nice.

Both Monogame and the Content Pipeline are version 3.6.