Content Pipeline is so frustrating! (Solved)


I’m trying to use Monogame for the first time after really casually using XNA a while back. I’m trying to get the Content Pipeline to work with no luck whatsoever no matter how much documentation I’ve used. Here’s what I’ve done.

In the Content Pipeline tool, I’ve opened my .mgcb file for my game. I’ve created an Art and Font folder under content.
I’ve added an image to one and a spritefont to the other.
I’ve hit the build option to output .xnb files.
In my project solution, I’ve added a Content Folder, with an Art and Font folder within.
I’ve placed the .xnbs in them.
I’ve changed the properties in VS to be Content and to copy always

For the texture I used this line to load it:

whiteSquare = Content.Load<Texture2D>("Content/Art/whiteSquare.xnb");

This is how it used to be called, maybe it’s changed but all the tutorials I’ve found are old and still use this line so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. No matter, it says it can’t loaded as a non-content file. It’s driving me insane and none of the documentation is helping unfortunately. Please Help!

Don’t use .xnb in the call to Load(). It is the asset name, not the filename. By default, the asset name is the filename without the extension.

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Thanks but that doesn’t fix it unfortunately

Also you don’t need the “Content” in your path. By default the Content Managers RootDirectory is set to “Content”

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omg I can’t believe that’s all that was wrong! thank you thank you thank you thank you!

And with that, my crappy pong clone lives!