Content Pipeline issues after updating to 3.8.1

I’ve recently got a new pc and pulled my Monogame project onto my new device, in the process I upgraded to the 3.8.1 but for some reason my Pipeline Content seems to be having issues, specifically resolving types within my project and with the XmlImporter.

I had some issues getting the editor to run but I added the dotnet-tools.json which was suggested in the README for the migration which got the editor running again.

These are the changes I made to the .csproj file:

Update: I was missing references to the new net6.0 dlls in Content.mgcb:
#-------------------------------- References --------------------------------#

However I am now getting an issue regarding my Monogame.Framework dll?

@AlexOD I was having the same issues as you before. First I moved my classes that I deserialise my xml into into a separate class library project in the same solution. If you have theses classes in the base monogame project, when you add the reference to your monogame project dll via the MGCB editor, you create a circular reference which can cause issues.

Even after moving my deserialising classes into another project, and adding a reference to that project via the MGCB editor, it still throws errors for me when trying to build using the editor gui. When I build via the command line MGCB tool everything builds correctly for me. I’m now using the ‘Nopipeline’ tool ‘NuGet Gallery | Nopipeline.Task 2.2.0’ to help automate this.