Content Pipeline not building when trying to use a custom processor to get 3d Model Animations working

Hi All,

I have been trying to setup model animations on the 3D models. Currently everything is setup to the point that models are in-game but now I am trying to at least get those models to have animations.

Following some trail back I have come across this: Tutorial: How to get XNA's SkinnedSample working with MonoGame which is using a custom Processor that you apply on the fbx files. Everything seems to build ok on the implementation, but when I set an FBX file to use the “Skinned Model Processor” The Content Pipeline is just outputting 1 failed even when trying to build just the fbx file it says 1 failed, but in the output it also has a slightly lighter green tick on the file, with just the filepath and no useful error or anything.
Has anyone implemented the 3d Model animations before? Or know what could be causing issue? Any help is appreciated.

I’ve also tried this one: NuGet Gallery | Lovebirb.MonoGame.SkinnedMeshImporter 1.0.2
But that one throws failure to create processor “SkinnedMeshProcessor”

And if I switch back to the usual Monogame Model Processor it will build ok.

If you are interested in seeing what I am trying to apply it on, this is a rat I got from the Unity Asset Store, that contains animations but haven’t been able to implement yet: Just the Rat - YouTube

Yeah I haven’t been able to get any pipeline extensions working in 3.81
I have a super simple custom processor that just read/writes as binary, and even that fails :confused:
LMK if you get it working

Have not had any luck getting it working, so biting the bullet and switching to 2D for entities with an animation, that seems to be working well without much performance hit.