Content pipeline, single file with multiple outputs

Hello world,

I have a question. Let’s assume that we have a texture which we’ve included in our content that uses the default texture processor etc.

This texture is the diffuse representation of a model however for instance I’d like to automatically generate a height map using a custom processor which processes the very same file.

Would it be possible to specify multiple XNB outputs somehow or multiple content writers for a single file?

A work-around is to add the file multiple times for each processor but It’d nice to automate this process somehow.

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

I haven’t done so myself, but it is reasonable to assume that if the content processor converts a file into another it is able to convert it into yet another one, too.
The question is how the pipeline handles this, since to load a file you just put in load.content(“file”); That would have to be modified too.

I think it’s not a big deal to have the same texture just cloned and renamed and then processed separately. In the end the space on your hard drive with the source doesn’t really matter and to the player it’s the same, either way you have 2 processed images

Yeah it was more of a convenience related question, but I guess you’re right, there’s really no problem in copying the same texture multiple times and specifying different processors.

Mono Game is still quite new to me so I wanted to double check that I wasn’t missing something obvious.

Thanks for the response mate!