Content Pipeline Tool fails on one machine

On my desktop I can compile fine, but on my laptop I cannot compile my content file. It fails to compile my fonts. The specific error is System.Exception: Could not load C:\snip\Fonts\Open Sans

I am using the open sans font, but none of them have that path or a space in the filename, so I have no idea where it is getting “Open Sans” from. In fact, if I delete the open sans fonts from the file, it still fails to compile with the same error, even when trying to compile one other, totally unrelated font. What is going on here?

What does your spritefont file look like?

OK, head on keyboard moment. I didn’t bother checking the spritefont file because I was sure it was not open sans. But I just opened it and at some point I did change it to open sans. I’m not at my laptop, but I probably never installed open sans on it. Man, I feel dumb. Such is software development. I think the disconnect occurred because there was a several months period where I did not use the laptop for the project and forgot about font changes I made on the desktop. Thanks for pointing me toward the obvious. I wish I could delete this post because it’s just wasted space now.

That’s alright, happens to everyone. I’m glad you figured it out :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!