Content Pipeline Tool isn't working on Mac OS X

I downloaded the current MonoGame for Mac and installed it on Mac OS X sierra and everything works except the Content Pipeline Tool. The tool doesn’t open if I click on it.
How can I solve this problem?

Could anyone try if the Content Pipeline Tool works on Mac OS X Sierra? It is not working on my system. It opens for 1 second and after that it closes immediately.

for me it works. do you see the pipeline in your launchpad?

Yes, I see it in the launchpad. But it doesn’t open if I click on it.

have you installed everything in the correct way? so Mono -> Xamarin -> Monogame. ive heard this is very important.

First, I have installed Xamarin Studio, then the MonoGame Add-in in Xamarin Studio and finally the development build of MonoGame for Mac.

I deleted the Pipeline Tool and Xamarin Studio. After that I installed it like you said(Mono->Xamarin Studio->Monogame) but it doesn’t work. The Pipeline Tool doesn’t open.

What does it say when you run the Pipeline Tool from a terminal?

iMac:~ Name$ open -a /Applications/Pipeline
FSPathMakeRef(/Applications/Pipeline) failed with error -43.

I quickly googled that and it seems its an issue that happens specifically when running an application from a terminal, so it’s probably not related to your problem.
I don’t know how to get around that, but if you manage to run the pipeline tool from the terminal it will output some information that will help locate the problem.

iMac:~ Name$ open -a Pipeline
The application /Library/Frameworks/MonoGame.framework/v3.6.0.1211/Tools/ cannot be opened because its executable is missing.

Do you know how to fix the problem with the missing executable?

Not a clue, I don’t have a Mac and I don’t know how they work :confused: