Content Pipeline Tool not executing/launching

That’s odd. Can you try this command too just to be sure?

> dotnet-mgcb-editor

It’s possible your PATH environment variable is screwed up. Can you check it to see if it contains something like C:\Users\<user>\.dotnet\tools? That should have been added automatically when you installed the .NET SDK, but you would have to restart your command prompt or PowerShell since installing if you haven’t.

Another option for now is you can try installing it locally like this. Note this will create a .config folder in whatever location you run it from.

> dotnet new tool-manifest
> dotnet tool install --local dotnet-mgcb-editor --version
> dotnet tool run mgcb-editor
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That was the problem. After restarting the command prompt it worked. Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys! I am new to MonoGame and I was trying to follow some tutorials, but couldn’t get Pipeline to work. Upon further research, I realized that MGCB Editor is the ‘new Pipeline Tool’. And again, I just couldn’t get it to work. Thank you for this post! Helped a bunch!

And I would add as well this, if anyone had the same problem as I had.
If you want to open the Content.mgcb file with MGCB Editor but it won’t appear at ‘open with…’, then run mgcb-editor in the terminal, as @jnoyola said and in Task Manager right-click to find the file location.
It will get you to the folder, which I believe will be a veeery long path from .dotnet. Create a shortcut to wherever you have better access and go back to the ‘open with…’ from Content.mgcb. Click ‘Add’ and select the .exe file you just saved as shortcut. Now you won’t need to run from terminal every time!

If you want to open it from file explorer it’s probably easier to run the mgcb-editor --register command as explained in the install instructions. Did you try this?

But it depends on everyone. I have a background in C++ in CodeBlocks so it will take a while to get used to Visual Studio. I somehow find working in the terminal weird. But I know after a month or two I’ll probably work 24/24 with it.