Content Pipeline Tool

Hey, guys! Have you ever encountered such a problem (see screenshot)? Stops the build on the file Hero.xml … But if I delete the file Hero.xml , then completely passes successfully (see screenshot 2). And if I rebuild Hero.xml manually, it passes without errors (see screenshot 3).

  1. Show the xml.
  2. Does this happen only in gui or during normal builds too?
  3. What version of monogame?
  4. classic : -)

2. Only in Gui
4. I hope :slight_smile:

If it’s only happening in gui then honestly, who cares. I don’t think I used the gui in years. I wrote a pipeline tool extension which simplifies the process down to “drop the file into the folder - everything else will be done for you”, and it covers 99% of the gui features - without having to deal with its bugs.

I found what the problem is. It turns out that the Content Pipeline Tool calls the deconstructor after serialization. At the same time, the error comes out about the “null reference” of the same this object :slight_smile: I had to remove the deconstructor to solve the problem.