ContentPipeline - a button to (re)build one type of item / not all

Hi !
As my content is growing and I’m adding functionalities to my custom modelprocessor, when I want to check the changes it begins to be a really long rebuild: I don’t need to build sounds for ex, nor textures, only models.

It certainly represent a lot of work as there are many items types (spritefont, shaders, etc. not to say custom types) but models/shaders/sound/textures would be a good start. The “clean” process would also need to be done according to this.

An alternative would be a listbox of checkboxes to filter the view ? (may be the hardest way to go)

Or does anyone know a way to filter items by type in the project’s treeview ?

Does any other dev needs this ? If I’m the only one, I understand it could not be implemented.

When testing the content pipeline I typically create a .mgcb file just for that one asset and run it directly using MGCB.exe.

I can see the benefit of being able to build/rebuild one asset in the Pipeline tool. That should not be difficult to implement.