Convert an xna project?


I began a videogame on XNA on Windows 7. Now i have windows 10 and XNA doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to port my old xna to monogmae (windows 10 ) easily?


Yes, its possible, and rather easy, I have done it a few times at least… But it wasn’t without a little work.

You could copy paste your code into a new mono-game template, one class at a time, and drag and drop your content into the solution explorer…

-I also had a few problems with my new OS culture settings… Be sure to overload any parser to be culture-independent, so when you load data from txt files and the like, you don’t get unexpected or CRASH-causing values…
(One I had was volume being set to 7 instead of 0.7, which crashes the app)

When your program crashes, you can open it in VS2015 to debug it, and maybe see the cause…
This helped me out a few times-