convert old windows phone 7.5 game

hello i am trying to convert my old game from phone 7.5 to the new vs2022 monogame
my game use the custommodelsample and i keep getting content type reader error
and allso texture2dcontent error

has any one a working sample in the new vs2022
of this

and if please share it

i managed to ger to work monogame 3.4 the bug is in 3.6 , 3.7 . 3.8 , 3.8.1
is there a bug in the content pipeline , you need to importers for collision data and models custom format in order to make a 3d game on ios and android we can not get the vertex data out of the models so what do we do…

the problem is this the matrialprocessor has to set to basicmatrialcontent then it can compile with no errors

and it runs fine but problem 2 has come i have all my engine in to one single dll

and this will not work back to squre one , so i moved all my coding into the exe startup file and it works again

there is a problem with the typereader of texture2dcontent hope you will fix it