Convert XNA to Mono?


Is possible convert XNA project to MonoGame?
not are necessary XNB compiled file.

i just read binary file and make a texture at runtime.

MonoGame was made for XNA compatibility using the same API, so switching to MG should not be too hard. If you run into issues you can search this forum or open a topic here.

Note that Mono is not the same thing as MonoGame!

XNA != MonoGame
.NET != Mono
Visual Studio != MonoDevelop/Xamarin

But they are all basically the same in this context.

The first question you have to ask is, what platforms am I trying to get my game on?
If Windows XP/7/8/9/10 (Not Universal Apps), Windows Phone 7/8, and Xbox 360 are your targets, continue to use XNA. If it’s a different platform from those, then yeah, download Visual Studio 2015, MonoDevelop, Xamarin, and MonoGame.

You should be using the .XNB file formats created by the Content Pipeline. While loading raw data is possible in SOME cases, it’s not suggested.