Copy a part of a TiledMap

Hello everyone!

I want to draw a small TileMap on screen. This little TileMap is part of a big TiledMap that represents the world of the game. So I need to create this small part of TiledMap by creating new Layers, copy TileSets then move Tiles from the Big map to the small one.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to create a new TiledMapLayer.
May be there is a simplest way to do this ?

Finally, I solved partially my problem with a trick. I have created a new tmx file with the same layers / tileset than the tmx of the big map but with no tiles and with the size that I want for the small map. I load the content of the small map from the tmx file then I copy tiles from the big map with GetTile/SetTile. It’s not flexible as I wanted at first but that do the job :slight_smile: