Cost of OUYA development

I’m considering to start developing for OUYA and some questions appeared:

  1. Am I right that I need Xamarin.Android for that?
  2. How much will everything (expect the development itself cost?). Just OUYA + Xamarin.Android = 200$? Of course, cables, monitor etc. are avilable
  3. How easy is it to set everything up? I’m used to develop for Windows Phone and Windows 8 and that is really easy. I’d even call that plug-and-develop. But after looking through the docs, it seems way more complicated.
  4. How many potential players are there and how high is the chance to get discovered?
  5. How powerful is the OUYA? 1 GB of RAM doesn’t seem like a lot, but will I run into problems with 2D games.
    OK, quite a lot of questions. You don’t have to answer them all, but any help is apreciated:)
  1. Yes
  2. Ouya + Xamarin.Android (Indie or better). I don’t think registration on the OUYA store costs? Might do.
  3. A little more complicated, but not much. Getting the OUYA drivers installed is probably the hardest part.
  4. Small currently AFAIK.
  5. Tegra 3 is okay. 2D should be fine. Check out some of the games on the platform for an idea of performance.

Hope that helps.

There’s no cost to be in the OUYA Store. It’s the usual 70/30 split.