Could not find Windows Runtime type 'SharpDX.WP8.Interop'.

I’m trying to upgrade an older Windows project to the latest version of MonoGame. After installing MonoGame 3.2 and updating my references, I get the following error on game.Run().

Could not find Windows Runtime type ‘SharpDX.WP8.Interop’.

Any idea what I’m missing? I don’t want to do a WP8 game so I’m a little confused why this is blowing up for missing a WP8 DLL.


That sounds like you may be loading the wrong assemblies for SharpDX.

How did you setup your game project?

I’m get the same exception.
I downloaded and installed the Monogame 3.2 Development Installer and create a new windows 8 project.

I’m using Visual Studio 2013 only with update 2 and the new windows phone 8.1 sdk (which have the windows phone 8.0 templates and universal apps)

Have this issue been fixed?
Don’t know why, but if you add as reference the SharpDX.WP8.winmd file all works fine.

I had this issue as well. I was loading the WPF Interop project in VS13. When loading the project the Sharp refs were pointing to the Windows Phone assemblies. I changed them to the Windows assemblies located in the neighboring folder. After that, all worked as expected.