Could not load asset as a non-content file.

So hi. I’ve worked with XNA for a while now and I’m trying to convert my project to a MonoGame project. When I try to load any kind of file, I get this error message. I googled it, changed the properties of the file but nothing seems to help. I’m making a windows project, not Android or IOS. This happens even if I simply open a new Monogame project and try to load a png image. I get the same error message.


use the Monogame Pipeline Tool to convert your assets into Content files.

And how do I do that? I imported all my content files from the XNA project, built and saved the pipeline. Still getting the error.

Make sure your game loads the xnb files, not the original files:

What do you mean by XNB files? How can I turn the original files to xnb?

By using the Monogame Pipeline Tool.