Could not load non-content file, fbx compiled to xnb

I have a windows project where it works and then I link to the source files from my Windows Phone project

It works fine on my windows project, but when I link to the compiled xnb file in the content folder and set it to Build Action: Content, I get the error. I have literally moved the xnb file to every single folder I have in the project. I have gotten it to work with simple sprites compiled to xnb, so I don’t know why this should be any different.

I have a font.xnb file as well, this loads fine and the two xnb files are in the same folder =/

Has anyone else had this problem, is there something I am missing?


I have included the CPU skinning demo files directly in my windows phone project as I was not able to reference the project itself (had to be a Windows Phone project).