Couldn't find default importer Tiled/Extended

Greetings everyone, I’m new to MonoGame.
I want to import a .tmx map into the game, the mgcb-editor selects the map build and the tilemap .tsx build, but it gives an error when building:

C:\Users\Andre\.nuget\packages\monogame.content.builder.task\\MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task. targets(142,5): error MSB3073: exit from "dotnet mgcb /quiet /@: "C:/Projects\AlphaTest\Content\Content.mgcb" /platform:DesktopGL /outputDir: "C:/Projects/AlphaTest/C
ontent/bin/DesktopGL/Content" /intermediateDir: "C:/Projects/AlphaTest/Content/obj/DesktopGL/net6.0/Content" /workingDir: "C:/Projects/AlphaT
est/Content/"" with code 3. [C:/Projects\AlphaTest\AlphaTest.csproj].

Build Error. Fix the build errors and try again.

I am attaching a screenshot from mgcb-editor.

Hi @Andreuwsh, Welcome to the Community!

Just so you can get help faster, ensure to include the various extras such as Tiled and Extended, I have made this change in the title for you, plus typo fix.

Happy Coding!