Coursera - Game Design

Hey everyone!

I talked about Coursera here before, and saw they have some nice game design classes coming up! To be clear, this is just game design, not development, so not much thought is given to programming (there are courses for that too though). I went ahead and enrolled in a couple of them, which is free if you don’t want a certificate (most people here are hobbyists, right?).

Links, somewhat ordered:

Note that 4 of these are part of a specialization you can do. A specialization is like a set of courses revolving around the same concept. If you really want to invest in this you can do the specialization, with a team project after the courses and you get a certificate at the end. That costs a little money though (€310 for all courses and the certificate), so if you just want to check the courses out like me, you can enroll for them seperately without the project and a certificate for free :slight_smile:

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