Crashes on XP box

I’m having trouble getting Monogame to run on a certain Windows XP box.

My Monogame projects run fine on my computer, and on other newer computers. On this one though, they all crash without even starting.

I’ve tried OpenGL and DirectX. OpenGL just shows the “Send Error Report” message, DirectX opens the window first but never draws anything, then shows the Send Error Report message.

It’s not the compile settings; I was able to get other C# projects running, like a blank Windows Forms project. It’s not OpenAL, I installed that. What could it be?

EDIT: Also, I’m trying the Release build. I tried Debug too just in case. Neither work.

SPECS: Windows XP 32-bit, 1GB RAM, 3GHz Pentium 4, .NET Framework 4

The DirectX backend uses DX11 iirc, and the OpenGL backend uses OpenGL 3.0. XP doesn’t support DX11, and judging from your specs I don’t think your computer supports OpenGL 3.0 either.

Ohh okay. I was concerned that this might be more of a dependency issue. Thanks then :slight_smile:

Your PC box is pretty old, so if you don’t mind using Linux, I recommend you try out Xubuntu or Lubuntu and then setup monogame on top of that.

I don’t really mind if the game doesn’t work on it, I was just using an old computer for testing. Now I see that I shouldn’t be concerned with supporting a computer that old.