Create XNB for video files in runtime


I have 2000 small files (video) that dinamically i must load but the user will add more files later. i cant add the files to pipeline mcg if i dont know the name at building time.

i was checking xnb structure (header) of xnb video file but i cant find necessary type of data. So, i could make runtime xnb files though that structure:

i’m trying add pipeline namespace in my project with PIPELINE MANAGER and then process content. So, i could add new files with its xnb for loading in runtime.

PipelineManager MiPipeline;
MiPipeline = new PipelineManager(“C:\Users\FITO\Desktop\RUNCPC\Game1\Content”, Directorio + “C:\Users\FITO\Desktop\RUNCPC\Game1\Content”, “C:\Users\FITO\Desktop\RUNCPC\Game1\obj”);
MiPipeline.ProcessContent(MiPipeline.BuildContent(Directorio + “\content\video\rygar.mp4”, Directorio + “\content\video\”, “H.264 Video - MonoGame”, “VideoProcessor”,null ));

I can not make it work due to lack of knowledge. Are there any sample to convert a .mp4 video to xnb in runtime?

i would like only convert the files that user wants to load in runtime. How can i make it?