Creating a 3D monogames map editor (winforms, WPF,...?)

Hi there!

I’m currently working on an open source 3D game editor, here is my website : I’m trying to reproduce the RPG Maker game editor concept, but with a 3D universe and some other features. I just started to create a MonoGame sample here :

So what’s my problem now? I created a game, ok. But now, I’d like to create a map editor and embed a MonoGame into another window containing all the needed widgets. I did many researches on combining winforms and MonoGame, but I only find old solutions that are not working with the current version. I also had a look on WPF, without sucess too. Well now I wonder if using MonoGame is the best solution to do what I want to. What do you think? If you have any recent solution to embed MonoGame into winforms or WPF please let me know.

what about Gemini?

Hi I’m making a 2D game engine that has an editor. What I’m using is the Windows 10 UAP platform.
Here is a picture. Its super easy. Below is a picture. The editor runs on my phone and works to!!! Right now I can create projects, load projects, make scenes and load tilesets right now. I just started the project two days ago. If this is interesting I will email you my source code.

Also since you want to make a 3d editor this should work. The problem I ran into is that you can only render one monogame Game instance at a time. The tile set renderer is using Windows controls but you can easily use direct X in the controls for things like model previews and such if needed.

Thank you both for answering! First I tried Germini but got several problems too. I finally found a solution using winforms thanks to this : MonoGame Winforms Error. Thank you for your interrest. :slight_smile:

Yhaa Windows Form is probably the best. Video below you can see me rendering two Monogame Views, one for the tile set viewer and the other for the map view.

Look into DockPanelSuite so you can have Dockable Content like Viusal Studio!!! Its easy to use.

Looks great! I also tried to do this on Linux with GTK # + Monogame, but I read that it was not possible. Apparently multi-window is the best option for it.

I really wanted to make Monogame work with GTK# but I never got it working. I wanted to make a editor that ran on Windows, Linux and MacOS.