Creating a MonoGame app with multiple screens

I’m trying to create a MonoGame base app who runs on 1-8 screens.

I was tried to do it by creating multiple Game objects on every monitor and render them
by running an internal while loop which responsible to call “RunOneFrame” method
for every game.

It works fine, but I have seen that the “RunOneFrame” method is used for tests and debug purposes only.
Plus, I have some lags in it…

What is the best practice for that requirement? Is it even possible on MonoGame?

Thanks :slight_smile:

HI @razop90

I would check out the updated version of the GameStateManagement sample from the XNAGameStudio Archive.

I updated the sample for MonoGame here:
SimonDarksideJ/GameStateManagementSample: MonoGame version of the GameStateManagement Sample (

Although you may need to update the MonoGame version in the repo to the latest if you are using that.

how do you create a game can you help

@Thomas_Furlong , I would recommend you create your own forum post to help with that.

Getting Started | MonoGame Documentation

But in short, follow the getting started guide on the MonoGame documentation site and then look through the recommended follow on tutorials to learn how to enter the wonderful world of MonoGame.

Tutorials | MonoGame Documentation

My recommendation would be to follow the Riemers series which was recently upgraded to MonoGame that is hosted on the XNAGameStudio archive. It’s where I also started (amongst many others)

Hope that helps.

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