Creating an installer for linux...?

I am looking for a way to install my game on a linux computer.

I imagine a double-click type installation process, like on my windows comp.

My whole “career” I’ve been using the standard built-in “publish” feature of the VS-editor, but this installer does not work on Linux, it insta-crashes.

-Looking for information, all I come across is “installing Linux” or “installing mono-game on linux”…
lots of text was about creating an installer to install linux…

If anyone has experience or even just words or phrases that would generate search results, that would be appreciated.

Has anyone done this? I tried spent a few days trying to get this working with Snap and AppImage with no luck in the end. There are some packages available to help for a dot net core monogame project, but nothing worked for a dot net framework one.

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Did you ever figure out a way?

No. In the end I just provided a tar.gz file but that is far from ideal.

I wrote an automated flatpack packager:

Been meaning to do the same thing for snaps for a while now.