Creating Car AI

Hello, i have to create a Monogame’s Project on Visual Studio, so i have to program a game with C# using contents got from 3DS max. I find quite hard to program with C# a car which move on a given path correctly, while is easy using constrints on 3DS max, so my question is: is it possible import in monogame constraints and controllers from 3DS max? Thank you all.

No. You’ll have to program it.

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A way to do it would be to create/get spline control points from 3DsMax constraint (don’t know if it’s possible, you could even draw a spline on top of the constraint), then build a spline using the control points with MG, and add some code to make car’s (gravity) centre move along that spline.

If this is really an AI, why do you want to move it on a GIVEN path? What I would do in this case, I would calculate the path for a very short distance and use it as long as there are no outside factors that would change this path (e.g. another car smashing into this car and completely changing its position/orientation/speed). The re-calculation could be done in every X frames, or every Y seconds and when the original state has been changed by other factors.