Creating gamedev tools...


I have been using Monogame for a while and come from a kind of XNA background. The reason of this topic is to find people who are interested in helping out with some code, find some bugs or just give general feedback.

The idea is to create some kind of “Tools” as part of a toolset, or whatever. So far I just entered beta with my “Model Viewer”, which can be downloaded and used for free. I will probably try to develop some editors and stuff too, so that is why I kind of need to broaden myself socially with people who have experience in that area.

Anyway, please check it out and tell me if you wanna help out in any way! :slight_smile:

Note: Some of these tools will be released for free, but not all. Some of them might be used internally only.

Latest release: BoxWatch 0.4.1

Latest changes (0.4.1):

  • Min / max Z values (prevents clipping)
  • Now supports all .xnb models, textured and non-textured
  • Fixed a bug if texture is not available in resource
  • Minor code cleanup




Cool stuff,

I tried it out and it worked right away; I’ve tried a dragon here

I recently did something similar (a model viewer) - which you can find here 3d model viewer for Monogame [ver 0.6]

I think for your model viewer it would be helpful if one could rotate the model in other directions, too. Plus I think it would help a lot if one could use mouse inputs, too.

Apart from that, obviously stuff like sliders etc. are nice to have, and if you don’t want to do them yourself there are a number of GUIs that are updated frequently, for example:
myra Myra - UI Library for the MonoGame
geonbit.ui GeonBit.UI: UI extension for MonoGame

That looks great! How did you go about making the skybox? I am thinking about implementing that too :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree, I will probably add more input options and stuff. Will check out myra too, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Hey all the code is available on GitHub ( so you can take a look at it directly.

I basically have a sphere around the camera with the skybox texture applied to it.

Yeah, I will look at it :slight_smile: