Creating Levels

I’m quite new to creating games using API’s like Monogame as I’ve mainly been using Game Engines like Unity for most of the time so when it comes to actually creating a level for my game… I’m not exactly sure how to do it.
I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation of the best method for creating a level. I know about a program called Tiled but should I use that or create my own Tilemap system?

Assuming you mean 2D games…

Tell more about your idea, ability in coding [as in skill level], what your aim is, do you want dynamic loading, static loading? large maps? RPG? Platformer? top down? side view map?

Don’t be shy also Welcome to the forums and thanks for using MonoGame :slight_smile: [I am not staff but just saying thanks for growing the community and spreading the platform]

The more you tell, the better peeps on here can assist.

Good luck!

You can use something like Tiled, but creating a Tilemap-System yourself is quite easy - even for beginner-programmers - and also a great learning expirience. Also it’s easier to add features to your own system. Just start simple and then extend it to your needs

Thanks :slight_smile:

And to answer your questions:
I haven’t really got an idea haha,
I’ve got about 4 years worth of experience in programming so I would say decent but not amazing,
I only need static loading and I don’t need that large maps as it’s simply for a platformer,
It’s also a side view map.

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Could you recommend any tutorials that I should look at?

There’s the age old classic for XNA, there are multiple parts to it.

For putting together your tilemap editor there’s several GUI libs and there’s also a PInvoke wrapper for DearIMGUI. There’s also a ImGuiSharp which is a direct to C# port of DearIMGUI, which is bugged as hell - though I have a fixed up version that I just haven’t tossed onto github yet.

It’s almost a straight drop in to use WinForms and if WPF is more your thing there’s WPFInterop which I’ve been pretty happy using.

I definitely recommend and prefer the immediate mode approach for tools GUI.

We are using Tiled as editor and an adapted version of TiledSharp (
Works like a charm and is more powerfull than you would expect.