I’m starting a new MonoGame project which is to be (eventually) deployed to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux and Mac.
Yes I am a glutton for punishment.

I’ve read some old threads, and I see that the general wisdom is to create separate visual studio projects for each platform, and this video: shows that I should have separate MonoGame projects.

It’s all a bit old, though. is that video still good? Does anyone have any new advice?


Imho the best way is to have a shared project for platform-independent code and different projects for each platform.
E.g. my solution usually is structered like this:

  • MyGame (Shared Project)
  • MyGame.DesktopGL
  • MyGame.Android
  • MyGame.iOS

MGCB-File is also in the Shared Project and referenced from the other projects

That’s pretty much what i was thinking, having read previous threads. I just wanted to check and see if anything had changed. Thanks!