Current state of Lidgren in MonoGame 3.2?

I’ve been using Lidgren’s networking library that comes with MonoGame 3.2 and it’s wonderful.
It’s taken a bit to learn how to use some methods however I’m curious to know what the current state of the Lidgren library is within MonoGame 3.2.

I’d like to know if the MonoGame team has made any unique changes themselves to the code or are they updating using the latest updates as the latest push here was on Jan. 11, 2015.

Does MonoGame have these updates? Is the MonoGame team merging the code?

I’d like to know in case I run into issues that may have been addressed already.

Secondly is it possible or recommended to update the library on my own by compiling the latest updates.

  1. MonoGame 3.2 is around 1 year old, the dlls it usess of lidgren network are around year old.
    2.1) From what I know, No.
    2.2) The latest updates haven’t been added to monogame github rep
  2. From time to time
  3. Use the newest dlls, it’s not gonna brake anything

Hi cra0zy, I appreciate the information.
Thank you very much.