Cymatically Muffed Launched Today :)

Cymatically Muffed graduated from Early Access today :slight_smile: #BuiltWithMonoGame

  • Cooperative Campaign for 1-4 players with 10 story comics, 25 levels, and 5 bosses
  • Survival Mode for 1-4 players with 4 levels
  • Player vs Player Battle Modes for 2-16 players with 15 levels and 9 game modes
  • Publicly Available Web-Based Level Editor (runs in-browser, game ownership not required)
  • Free Soundtrack DLC (game ownership not required)
  • Native Support for a Wide Range of Controllers
  • Super Accurate Collision, for a Better Combat Experience
  • Extensive Battle Mode Customizations for High Replayability
  • On-Demand Split-Screen/Shared-Screen Control
  • Drop In / Drop Out at Any Time


Thanks so much to the whole MonoGame team and our community here! :smiley:
‐ Kelsam


Congratulations and well done guys, very motivating what you guys have done and that supporter pack was genius! Wishing you success! Keep it up!

:champagne: :sake:

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Thank you! You sir, are a gem of the community :slight_smile:

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