Data folders for MonoGame project not included in published version

I have the three folders marked in the image that I added to the debug and release folders to have game data such as tile map info. It all works fine and the game uses them when running through visual studio. But when I publish the project through the option in VS’s build dropdown menu, the published version doesn’t have them, thus I get a game that runs, but had a character on a blank screen since there is no tile map. What do I do to make these included and usable to the published version? I have them in that location because it seemed like the only place it could find them when running the project in visual studio.

Did you add those folders thru visual studio by right clicking on the project in the solution explorer and creating new folder or did you just make them in the project folder. Did you also build a release version before publishing if you did all that then the published version should have them in the bin folder of the output published directory.

Do you just have to add the folders through VS or go and every single file in them to the project? And Yes, did release build.

I have just now tried adding all folders and all files in then to the project manually, and they now go into the release build properly but still are not being accessed in the published version (release build done before publishing, after adding them). :confused:

Are you not setting them as Content after adding them?