Dead End - Out now on iOS/Android/WP8

Hi guys!

Flying Oak Games and Sparkling Vinegar are proud to announce the release of our first MonoGame powered game!

Dead End, a mix between an oldschool racing game and grindhouse horror films.

Out now on iOS, Android and WP8!

It uses the latest MonoGame sources which allowed to have something like 2% of platform specific code! As a former XNA developer, it really feels like home. Hat down to the contributors!
The platform specific code is related to in-app purchase and game center handling, so it is no big deal and out of the scope of MonoGame.
We made some modification to MonoGame regarding vibrators and accelerometer, which we will push as a suggestion to the upstream MonoGame source.

Feel free to us what you think of the game!


The gameplay really reminds me of an F1 racing game that I had on my Gameboy Pocket as a kid.

The art style is almost similar to that of the film Sin City.

I’ll give it a look on Android. :smile:

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I like this. well done.

looks like you were able to pass wp8 store testing thing, what was actually the problem for the app to fail the store test?

Thank you!

I documented it on the original post. It was related to screen bigger size requiring way more memory.

I downloaded the game and gave it a play. Great work! I really love the art style.


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I’ve just gave it a try but it hangs (screen just freeze) after few seconds of gameplay. Tested demo version on 920 with WP8.1.

Something is wrong with my phone requirements. Lumia 620. It’s a pity, ) cool graphics!