Delete, Rename, Relocate bin and obj folders?

is it possible to delete, rename, and relocate the bin and obj folders in both the root directory and the Content folder?

I was thinking about doing something like


So really you just want to change “bin” to “Build”? That’s what it looks like from your example.

In your Content folder, these are set in the MGCB project file. Open the MGCB file in the Pipeline tool and select the top-most node in the treeview. Set the directories in the Properties window.

For the bin and obj folders in the project root, the output directory can be set in the project properties in Visual Studio (on the Build tab). The intermediate folder (obj) must be set by hand in the csproj. Open the csproj in Notepad, look for the OutputDirectory nodes and add an IntermediateDirectory node immediately below each one, modifying to suit.

KonajuGames so is there a way to make created project do this automatically?

Edit What do you mean by “modifying to suit”

Ok I think I got my project to build in the right place except for the content folder
it seems to keep creating the obj and bin folders even though I set it to something else it content pipeline